Am I allowed to have guilt free mom time

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As a mom of soon to be three, and all our boys with an age difference of less than a year with my last one due in October. And as a stay at home mom , this question has ran across my mind a number of times. Before recently finding some time for myself, I found myself feeling over exhausted , on edge, and downright frustrated with who I was. My relationship with my boys was beginning to feel less than adequate. And the quilt of not meeting my standards of mom of the year was even harder. Not only was my relationship with my boys being affected but also my relationship with my husband. When I did take some mom time I began to feel this sense of guilt come over me. How could I enjoy time away from my babies? Did this make me a bad mom? Let me answer this with simply stating NO! Guilt free mom time is OK to take, and what I found out is that when I put the quilt aside and took simply thirty minutes to an hour for myself it made me a better mom. I am not denying my kids anything but for the chance for me to be a better and more loving mom. My choice of event is to workout, so as I am getting my workout on and fighting away every negativity that may try to encompass me, my boys are playing with other kids building key social skills that they need. Which to me is very important. Working out may not be the answer for you and your family. Maybe a different activity like playdates or a moms group is a better fit. MOPS group is an awesome organization that really helps put you in contact with other moms. Being a part of this group makes being a mom feel less alienating. Knowing and meeting real moms that go through the same exact thing you do becomes comforting. It's not only been good to me and my boys relationship but also to mine and my husband's relationship. It has taken the strain off of me being perfect and my expectations to be more realistic. I had such unreachable expectations for my husband and I that they were hurting our relationship. Metting with moms and coming to the understanding that we were not made to be perfect has helped me understand and open up to my husband creating a stronger and more uniting relationship. It has opened the door to making our house more of a home and not an uptight living space. Grow a stronger, better, and more loving relationship as a family. Our children are our future, and seeing that future grow in front of you gives you a sense of accomplishment. You never know what your future may hold but knowing that you helped mold them to be something successful in society is a feeling noone can take or give, only you can create it. So take sometime to re-center and gather yourself, it only makes them better. So take some guilt free mom time.

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