What is the best way of raising children today

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The best way to go about raising children today would be the way that your heart, soul and mind feels it is best to raise them. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, and there will never be an easy solution to raising children. Each child is different, and they come with their own set of personality, and uniqueness.

The best way to raise children in a world that is so difficult and complex would be to take your time with each child and get to know them as much as you can. You can get to know them by developing strong communication skills, establishing trust, learning their need to be excepted for who they are and not what you are hoping they become, and being patient with them.

Children have their own unique ways of dealing with things in their lives and the worst thing they can have is a nagging, non-understanding parent that does not show respect or concern about what they may be experiencing in life.

Peer pressure, the need to be accepted in groups, sibling acceptance and closeness, the desire to make their parents proud are all good reasons for you as a parent to gain great communication and understanding of your child/children. They may be having weight issues or are unhappy about their personal appearance. They may have a bully at school and are too afraid to talk about it, or maybe they are interested in another kid in class or the neighborhood, and they don't have a clue how to deal with some of these things. But knowing that they can come to you on any level, and express to you what they are going through, knowing that you are there for them and you are not going to judge them or criticize them — that is a magical bond of security that's priceless for kids.

Society teaches our children that they have to look a certain way, act a certain way, love certain people, and satisfy the world instead of being happy with themselves. It also teaches our children that it's ok to judge other people by the color of their skin, the types of clothing they wear, their family backgrounds, or even the texture of their hair. Some say its called racism, but I say its just plain ignorance. We as parents need to teach our children that it's ok to love everyone that shows love to them, regardless of their differences and/or history. Once we conquer loving, understanding and supporting our children correctly, we will be able to help them grow up into strong, intelligent, self-sufficient adults that will respect and accept the challenges that come their way. They will be able to communicate effectively with their parents, and others that come into their path.

Raising children today is only as hard as we allow it to be. It can really be a pleasurable experience if we take the initiative to apply a few simple techniques, and have patience.

I hope this advice will be taken literally and applied to your life.

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