What are some tips and tricks for stay-at-home parent time management?

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As a stay-at-home parent it can be difficult to get everything done in a day. With children to care for, a home to maintain, and a relationship to nurture it often becomes exhausting and seemingly impossible to do it all. The secret here is not in eliminating tasks or slacking in another area (though that may be EXACTLY what you are doing). The best kept secret of the successful stay-at-home parent is time management!

What exactly is time management? It's just as it sounds, using different methods to make your time work best for you! This can be accomplished in a myriad of ways but ii's not as confusing as it may seem. Stay-at-home parent time management is crucial, not only to manage your home but to manage yourself. Here are some simple tips to help you better manage your family's time.

1. Set up a schedule

This can be done for yourself and for your children! Make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish in a day. Then, put those tasks in the order that they need to be done. Then assign each task to a specific time. You will be amazed at just how much time you really do have in a day! (And don't forget to schedule a little time for yourself!)

2. Use a daily planner/calendar

This method is great for seeing the bigger picture. Using a planner you can write your daily goals into a section for each day. Throughout the week you can easily access your plans or goals for each day and simply cross them out as they are accomplished! The best part about using a planner is that you can add your children of spouse's schedules to it as well! This allows you to keep your family in sync with one another's time and requirements. And with digital apps and planners this time management tool becomes even simpler to use and bring with you as you go about your day!

3.Write a weekly menu

Maybe it's dinner that's causing you excess stress throughout the week? Take a few minutes once a week to create a list of meals to make for dinner that week. This one is such a lifesaver! You simply buy the items on the list and make them on the nights you previously determined. This takes so little time but has a high payoff!

4. Make a to-do list

Pick the three most important things you need to accomplish the next day and write them on a notepad at night. When you wake up the next morning you will immediately see that list and know exactly what absolutely needs to be accomplished that day. It is simple to write, inexpensive, and is easy to access-just set it on your nightstand before bed! Having a to-do list can also be a stress buster as you previously established the necessities required to have a successful day. So what if the dishes don't get done that night! If it is not on the list then it is not a big deal!

Making everything happen everyday is a daunting task for one person to take on, but utilizing these time management tips can ease the burden and maybe even free up some time in your life. As a stay-at-home parent time management can be your best friend. You will begin to accomplish more than you thought possible. You might find time for you and your spouse again. It really can work with a little effort. Realize the task, assess the time available to accomplish the task, and choose a time management tip that will work best for you. You can do this, all it takes is a little control of your time.

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