Stay-at-Home Moms - Recent Questions and Answers

How can I declutter my home?
MaryAnswered by: Mary, An Expert in the Manage Your Home Category

In the last few decades, we have had to change how we view material possessions, and it has been very difficult for some. It is an undeniable fact that items are now mass produced ...

What does a SAHM do all day long?
WendyAnswered by: Wendy, An Expert in the Life of the SAHM Category

Today, many women work outside the home while their children go to school or are in daycare. While this is a necessity for many families, there is a strange breed call the Stay-at...

What is disequilibrium?
MariaelenaAnswered by: Mariaelena, An Expert in the Raise Your Children Category

It sounds daunting, but the reality is I find myself turning to this word as a coping strategy when times are rough with my three-and-a-half-year old. Over the last couple of weeks...